Since many years Caminada Treuhand AG Zürich educates young professional in the fiducary and accounting sector. Actually we have two trainees.

The commercial traineeship has been professionalised in the past few years. In cooperation with the business school and OKGT (Organisation of Commercial Formation Fiducary/Property) we prepare our trainees for their professional life and they gain the necessary professional qualifications.

We train young people because:

  • The education of young professionals ensures the futures of our own firm and branch.
  • Own trainees gain qualifications and competences, which are important in our firm.
  • Internally trained professionals develop an identification with their employer.
  • Trainees bring new ideas and informations from the business school and educational courses.
  • For a good working athmosphere and a good aging it is important to employ also young people.
  • Also trainees render productive work.
  • The special knowledge of the professional teachers also support the firms’ own people knowledge.
  • The commercial traineeship is an outstanding professional basis for professional life.

Whenever possible we offer our successful trainees a full-time job at Caminada Treuhand AG Zürich.



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