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Training centre

CAMINADA ZÜRICH has been training junior staff for the fiduciary industry for many years. We currently have three trainees working in our company.

Commercial apprenticeships have been made more professional in recent years. In collaboration with the vocational school and OKGT (Organisation kaufmännische Grundbildung Treuhand/Immobilien, Organisation for commercial fiduciary/real estate training) our trainees are given the skills they will need in their daily work and acquire the necessary qualifications.

Why do we take on young trainees?

  • Training junior staff secures the future of our company and our industry.
  • Our trainees acquire the qualifications and skills that our company needs.
  • People trained by the company develop an identification with us as their employer.
  • Learners bring ideas and information on-board from their vocational schools and the introductory courses they have taken.
  • Young people are also important to ensure that the company enjoys a healthy atmosphere and a balanced age structure.
  • The trainees also engage in productive work.
  • The company also puts the vocational trainers’ particular skills to good use in its staff training.
  • Traineeships are an excellent form of basic vocational training to prepare those undertaking them for their later careers.

Wherever possible, we offer trainees who successfully complete their courses permanent positions at CAMINADA ZÜRICH.