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You need
the right tools 
if you want
to do 
a good job.

As someone who manages a small or medium-sized company, you are well aware that qualifications alone do not create solutions – you need trust, competence and experience. Knowledge alone is not the only cornerstone of our work. Rather, it lends our most important tool the cutting edge, which is practical implementation.

Experience is our bedrock. We know the things that companies want and need because we have first-hand experience of their situations – from our early years in training or from the close collaboration we enjoy with our long-standing SME customers.

One thing you can be sure of with CAMINADA ZÜRICH: Our staff are all experienced specialists who have extensive hands-on experience as entrepreneurs, consultants and employees at tax offices.

We love a challenge We are hands-on in our approach and see the role of management consulting as providing support to businesses. We are frank when it comes to warning you of risks and provide an expert external opinion about possible new opportunities.

Regardless of whether you are in the start-up phase, want to grow your business, or plan your succession. Whether you are looking to expand your markets, review your tax situation, or evaluate your company: CAMINADA ZÜRICH accompanies you in every area and phase of your business activities.

A spirit of openness Figures speak for themselves, but what do they mean for your company? What conclusions can you draw from them? We have the same know-how and passion for all aspects of accounting, auditing and tax consulting that you have for your company.

Alongside the quality of our work, our genuine interest in our clients’ business activities is the main reason why companies choose CAMINADA ZÜRICH.