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Tax advice

International tax issues are characterised by their legislative complexity. If your company is active in several countries, it is worth examining the situation in these countries closely in order to rule out costly misjudgements.

CAMINADA ZÜRICH has in-depth knowledge of international tax issues as they affect companies, private individuals and investors. These range from tax domicile issues, double taxation and restructuring to VAT to handling appeals with the various authorities. We cover all of the areas that are of importance to international companies.

The legislation currently in force also offers opportunities for efficient tax planning. Switzerland in particular offers the possibility of obtaining a binding advance confirmation of a planned matter from the tax authorities, allowing us to achieve tax legal certainty for you in advance. A comprehensive consultation gives you the certainty that you are only paying the taxes that your company is obliged to pay by law.

Contact us and let us discuss your company’s most important tax issues with you so you can see how we can best assist you.